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Video Streaming Basics

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last updated Mar 10, 2022

Video Streaming Basics 101

The pandemic introduced new challenges for everyone across the global. These challenges introduced new opportunities for those creators who saw the chance that make a dent in the universe. Most larger organization already had a presence online with television, streaming or even hosting their own video streaming. Through many months of trail and error, I used was able to learn a few things about video streaming from a few amazing YouTubers, bloggers, and website designers that I will share on this page.

One of the programs that I used during the pandemic was called Open Broadcaster System. OBS is a phenomenal program with tons of features that I will share in the links below.

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Open Broadcaster Studio Intro:

I do not receive ANY kick backs from any of the sites listed above. I share this information in the spirit of helping others to achieve their educational goals.

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OBS Plugins

This section will introduce the wonderful world of OBS plugins. I shared one plugin in the first section called Audio Mixer. I learned that is a great tool for audio using my Windows machine. As a matter of fact, there appears to be more features with the Windows version of OBS Studio.

Zoom G Suite Plugin

  • Zoom for G Suite – Use Zoom to easily schedule, join, manage, and customize meetings from Gmail and Google Calendar.

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